The Occult Establishment by James Webb

The Occult Establishment

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Page: 269
ISBN: 091205056X, 9780912050560
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Publisher: Open Court Publishing Co ,U.S.

Their reported mandate was to transform the human race. The book includes everything from Nazis and the occult, to Jungian psychiatry, to the counterculture of the Sixties. The Demiurge will be powerless against it. The struggle against the occult enemies of mankind; the race of the Rakshasas. James Webb made a name for himself with his fascinating, if sceptical, histories of occultism, The Occult Underground (1974, first published in Britain as The Flight from Reason, 1971) and The Occult Establishment (1976). (Historian, James Webb, The Occult Establishment, A Library Press Book, Open Court Pub. James Webb The Occult Establishment, The Occult Establishment (LaSalle, IL: Open Court Pub. Receive the Paraclete.” At other seances, the Canon Stephan and one Guilhabert de Castres, Cathar Bishop of Toulouse in the 12th century, who was martyred at Montségur, were contacted. Webb also shows the conflict that arose between the underground and the establishment as well as the role of the druids and other primitive secret societies in the formation of the occult tradition. 62-79; 164-167; 284-299; 307-317; 404-405. James Webb provides a fine look into the world of the irrational in this book. At another seance, in Within a year, he resigned from Masonry, converted to Catholicism, and began one of the most notorious propaganda campaigns in the history of Occultism. But he would later rebel against Jesuit discipline, and began to become interested in the occult, establishing a secret society for others with similar interests. The Occult Establishment English | ISBN: 091205056X, 0875484344 | PDF | 535 Pages | 56 Mb James Webb provides a fine look into the world of the irrational in this book. We also have an excellent example of these bizarre and evil mental processes from the Bush Administration, which established both torture and death squads, purportedly to operate abroad. The fulfillment of Nostradamus's prophesy through the founding of the Theosophical Society and the re-establishment of the original mysteries. James Webb, The Occult Establishment (Chicago 1976) discusses Treher's book on p.

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